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Ratings Booster
Swap Coordinator:user5486 (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items 
Number of people in swap:311
Last day to signup/drop:May 15, 2007
Date items must be sent by:June 15, 2007
Number of swap partners:2

Ratings Booster….

So you’re a newbie and want to join swaps but you aren’t rated…Or maybe your ratings have been falling lately…Maybe your just a swapper with a great score and want a simple swap to keep it that way….

Simply pick three items off the list and send them to two partners…

Got it 3 items x 2 partners=6 items….

*A card of fun buttons

*A roll of patterned ribbon

*a yard of rick rack

*2 skiens of embroidery floss

*1 sheet of sticky scrapbook embellishments

*2 wax tarts

*a NEW memo pad

*3 unused postage stamps

*stationary set-2 sheets/1 envie

*a unused postcard

*a NEW gel pen

*2 sheets of NEW nice stickers- NO FREEBIE STICKERS i.e. no magazine stickers, no reward stickers, no teacher stickers

*20 spare stickers: stickers that were cut from sheets of stickers...NO magazine stickers, no reward stickers, no teacher stickers

*1 sheet of PRINTED labels for your partner- no handmade label (30 labels is the standard size, if overseas whatever the standard size label is)

*2 flavored tea bags

*10 swap cards

*2 packets of flower or vegetable seeds-please limit this choice to partners within the continental U.S.A. -- seeds aren't supposed to go into Hawaii)

*2 note cards and envelopes

*1 new pack post it notes

*1 mix cd of your favorite songs

*1 new package of incenses

*1 new tube of lip balm or lip gloss (Dollar store stuff is fine)

*5 handmade envelopes

Yes there are a few rules:

Everyone is invited unless you are a notorious no sender!!! This is an international swap so some things may not be sent overseas (seeds and stamps).

Please limit the “I don’t want sent to me items to 2� THAT MEANS YOU ARE ONLY TO LIST TWO THINGS FROM THE LIST!!!! This is supposed to be fun and a surprise! When people start listing and getting demanding it really takes the fun out of swapping!!!

PLEASE SEND YOUR ITEMS and SEND THEM ON TIME!!!! If you can’t fulfill your duties before the swap ends please drop out. Or if you change your mind, please drop out…The send by date means that is the date the items have to be postmarked by. If you have to send late, please e-mail your partners and tell them...

With the price increase in postage, please take your package to be wieghed at the post office for proper postage. No one likes to have to pay for their swaps!

Remember to Rate your partners when the ratings open. Alot of people are new in this swap and are depending on this rating to be allowed in others.

Be a good swapper! Remember it is important to be nice!!!! Karma will bite you in the ass!!!

For those who watch the list of swappers...I will be going through the list after the swap ends and banning people then. So that scammers who were banned can not start another profile and sign back up.

Due to the high number of people in the swap, I can not angel unrec'd swaps.


jannikinz 04/17/2007 #

I'm in Australia...please no seeds or incense...anything else is great...thanks.

drewzel 04/18/2007 #

Same here, I'm also in Australia. :)

user5486 04/18/2007 #

Thanks jan and drewzel...

If you are overseas could you please list what you know can't be sent to your country...I don't want someone to put together a great package and have customs take it...

squintgrad 04/18/2007 #

This would also be a great swap for anyone looking to get more hearts (which clearly isn't something you need to do -wow!) It would be really easy to pick MORE than 3! Great list Kimmie. Thanks for hosting this one.

RudeNun 04/18/2007 #

Great idea Kimmie!

user5486 04/18/2007 #

Wow! Since everyone is loving this swap so much, after the closing date I think we will do a second round:)

tangledthreads 04/18/2007 #

I love easy fun swaps!!

Please no incense or tea..thanks!

elaynne 04/18/2007 #

No tea or incense for me please. Thank you, it should be a fun swap!

mpontalba 04/18/2007 #

Great idea for a swap! I'm hoping my profile is information enough for my partners...I like to be surprised!

drewzel 04/18/2007 #

Kimmie you made a great list of stuff to pick from, that's why I wanted to join...so many good options! Thanks!

Lithmire 04/18/2007 #

No labels or seeds for me please. I make my own labels and live in an apartment, so I can't grow much!

BleakOptimism 04/18/2007 #

Yay last time I did this it was fun, and pretty easy. I too are from Australia so the obvious no sends on incense/seeds etc not sure about tea in the post to Aus, got somet he other day but it was in a foil packet.

Umm just a question out of curiosity, what is rick rack (reff raff from rocky horror popped into my mind), and wax tarts? God damn us naieve Aussies

user5486 04/18/2007 #

LOL!!! rick rack is that ribbon that is wavy. Wax tarts look like candles but have no wicks. They are melted down in a burner.

Riff Raff Rules!!!! I love Rocky Horror!!!!

user5486 04/18/2007 #

WOW!!! 35 people in the first day!!! I didn't realize this would be such a popular swap...Hmm...Maybe I need to think of more swaps when I am being kept up all night by my two year old!!!

Baglady 04/19/2007 #

This is a great swap. Everything is fine with me!

missbianca 04/20/2007 #

This is my first swap. Two of my daughters have been doing it for awhile. They both enjoy it so much I thought that I would try it. I figured this would be a good one for me to start with, since I am new.

user6740 04/20/2007 #

I'll take anything but labels and nothing that seems sharp or pointy - not even a pen. A friend got a gel pen in the mail and customs opened the whole package to look through it. She was very lucky to get it at all!

(I'm from the UK)

lvpoohbr2 04/21/2007 #

Hi, I'm a newbie and excited to get started. I have allergies to strong scents but that's it. Everything else looks great. I can't wait to put together my things to send!!Ü

electrogeek77 04/22/2007 #

This swap is right up my alley! I love giving random items!

jannikinz 04/22/2007 #

Couldn't resist the shops on the weekend. I now have enough for 6 swaps.

tsampa 04/23/2007 #

I would like to get everything but tea and wax tarts.... thanks :)

user7473 04/23/2007 #

Great idea. Please, no tea, incense, or wax tarts. Have a good one everyone.

user7840 04/23/2007 #

I just came across this great site and decided to start with something simple.. This will be alot of fun.. I do have a few questions if someone can answer them for me.. When I sign-up how will I know who to send to??

Only 2 things I probably won't be able to use are inscense or labels..

Thanks, Sara

user5486 04/23/2007 #

We made the top ten!!!!

Sonora 04/23/2007 #

What fun! Everything is ok by me--send at will!

JaneR 04/23/2007 #

No seeds or wax tarts for me, please. :-)

Nakupenda 04/23/2007 #

I'm in Australia too - so no seeds or incense for me, but anything else would be just fab - I love surprises (",)

daffyd1963 04/23/2007 #

sounds fun , please no Labels or wax tarts for me thanks carolyn h

knitagirl 04/24/2007 #


This looks a fun swap :o)

No incense or wax tarts for me please.


CajunLady 04/24/2007 #

I'm glad I found this too. But I will say this right now...there are too many items from the list for me to pick just 3 items. So my partners will probably get a wee bit more!!! No restrictions on what is sent to me. But please, nothing religious...unless it is related to Paganinsm or Wicca. Thanks!

gramsbuttonbox 04/24/2007 #

Babygirl, you will get your partner's name after the signup deadline - Kimmie has to check the names, and then will "do the deed" so that swap-bot can randomly assign them... hope that helps

Hi Kimmie, what a FUN swap - I love that there are SO MANY things to choose from -

please don't send me any seeds - I'm not a gardener, and live in an apartment anyway - lol -

(I just joined cuz YOU is da hostess!! hahaha) MaryB

madtatter7 04/24/2007 #

This is my first swap...I am so looking forward to it. I am open to anything you would like to send. Thank you Kimmie.

Hugs to all my new friends, Linda

Dibrittain 04/24/2007 #

I finally join a swap of yours kimmie. Hows everything? I need to post out a letter to you sometime. This swap is fun. I have alot of this type of stuff here already. Yeah no shopping to find stuff. Hee hee. I love my huge footlocker full of my swap items to post out. Addicted to shopping.

gramsbuttonbox 04/24/2007 #

DiBrittain - if I get your name again, tell ya what - I'll just send the stuff directly to your daughter, since she nabbed the last swap I sent you! good to see you - and you are right, this is a fab swap!

kalykins 04/24/2007 #

this is my first swap, and I was wondering,

I don't have a lot of sticker sheets, but I do have plenty of sticker flakes.

how many flakes would you say add up to a sheet?

user5486 04/24/2007 #

Hmm..I am not sure how many sticker flakes equal a sheet...I just counted a sheet of heart stickers I have. I think there is about 25 on it. So 25 I guess would equal the flakes.

user5486 04/24/2007 #

Di and Mary I am so happy that you decided to join...

Mary I got your name again in the notecard swap. I will be sending them soon...

Katrynka 04/24/2007 #

Hello, This looks like fun. Please no scented items(allergies) and no music cd, Other than that I am flexible!

Ariaya 04/24/2007 #

Hi, this sounds like fun. What exactly is a 'swap card'? and how big is a sticker sheet? I've got lots of stickers that are cut from other larger sheets that I've gotten in swaps on other sites. I'm happy to share, but wouldn't want to short anyone!

user5486 04/25/2007 #

Swap cards are usually about the size of business cards. They have info on them like your name, your swap-bot name, the name of the swap, swap sent date, and a fun graphic. In this swap you would make them with your partners info...

Since everyone keeps asking about how many cut stickers would equal a sheet, I edited the swap.

artgeek 04/25/2007 #

What a wonderful oh-so-easy-to-do list of swap materials! Great job, Kimmie.

No incense for me, please, otherwise, I love to be surprised. :)

LeeAnn 04/25/2007 #

I'm looking forward to it...but no seeds, please. I love stickers though! :-)

ElectricDaisy 04/25/2007 #

This is my first swap, I'm very excited!

gramsbuttonbox 04/25/2007 #

can we break 100??!!!
we are already in second place!

great swap, Kimmie -

almost makes getting up at night with a toddler FUN!


user7924 04/25/2007 #

I'm a newbie and this sounds like fun. Please no incense (I'm allergic) or tea for me. Thanks everyone! :)

FunToScrap 04/25/2007 #

Hey what a great swap, I love your list. No incense or wax tarts (cuz of asthma) for me, please. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


Cinnimini 04/26/2007 #

I'm brand new to swap-bot.. some friends keep raving about this place!.. I'd love to try! :)

user5486 04/26/2007 #

We broke 100 and made the top 2:)

towenby 04/26/2007 #

I too am new to Swap-Bot and welcome the opportunity to boost my ratings. Thanks for giving me this chance, Kimmie, and for the wonderful list of items to swap! Terry

Panj 04/26/2007 #

Thanks Kimmie for this great swap! I don't have a green thumb so seeds would not benefit, and I do not scrapbook either. What are the tarts used for? Panj

grandmaroro 04/26/2007 #

Please, please, can I join????? This sounds like just way tooooo much fun. However, Kimmie, you may get a personal email from me. You folks are speaking a different languqge and I don't have a clue what you're talking about --- I'll just put all my ?s in an email rather than take up space here (is that okay?). Thanks for such a fun swap.

mysterygirl 04/26/2007 #

I'm so glad this swap mentions karma. :D

user5486 04/26/2007 #

Wax tarts look like the above. They have no wick and are melted down into a tart burner.

user4010 04/26/2007 #

Sounds fun/easy! There's nothing that I absolutely don't want... but I'm not a scrapbooker so anything "scrapbook" related will get re-swapped. FYI :)

Check out my blog to get to know me... if you are so inclined.

FunToScrap 04/26/2007 #

HEY! Ratings Booster Swap has made it to #1!!!


Griffie 04/26/2007 #

One newbie, no rating and from Australia, too! Plenty of enthusiasm, though, and really looking forward to participating.

RudeNun 04/26/2007 #

I can't wait to start! But maybe I'll join a different one so that I can start sending items soon.

shopinc 04/27/2007 #

I can't wait to start! :) However, would prefer not to get the wax tarts, embroidery floss, seeds, and incense, as I don't know what to do with them! But I guess if you send them, it's okay, because I can always reswap them :)

thatzghetto 04/27/2007 #

I have pretty bad allergies so most incense is a no-go for me. Everything else is welcome.

CajunLady 04/27/2007 #

Please, no seeds or CDs for me. Thanks!!

Fizbin 04/27/2007 #

Please no lip gloss for me anything else is great I want to be surprised!

grandmaroro 04/27/2007 #

132 Peeps in this swap. WOW - Kimmie I'm looking forward to the next one. Thanks, Joan

azurerocket 04/27/2007 #

Please no tea. :)

kalykins 04/27/2007 #

I think starting early is a great idea.

zebra3175 04/28/2007 #

Im in Aus too, so nothing that wont get through customs.

This is a great one Kimmie. I have just been introduced to this site, and it looks great!

Thanks, Sam

MichelleMarie 04/28/2007 #

I also think starting early is a great idea!

I am another newbie and am excited about being surprised and surprising my partner ;)

user5486 04/28/2007 #


The end date for sign ups has been bumped up to May 15 due to popular demand of wanting to start early! I didn't start it this weekend because 15 people joined since I sent out the e-mail...I hope that this date works for everyone..

Ratings Booster #2 will be posted on May 16!!! Look for changes in items...anyone has any suggestions for new things to add just e-mail or message me and let me know..Or post it here!!!

gramsbuttonbox 04/28/2007 #

it's really too bad it can't be moved ahead just a couple days more - since postage rates go up the 14th of May - if we had our partners by then, some might want to send them before the increase - -

just my 2 cents worth - MaryB

user5486 04/28/2007 #

I know, I really wanted to start it early but I don't think it is fair to the people who just signed up.

simplysarah 04/29/2007 #

this swap is great!!!!

please don't send me incense or wax tarts.... I love them but the scents bother my aunt (she's 86)she lives with me. thanks!

towenby 04/29/2007 #

No seeds, please, as I don't garden. :-) Terry O.

ValSped 04/29/2007 #

I'm a newbie to swap bot (but not to swapping!) I can't wait to get started! :) I'd love anything from the list!

twobluecrows 04/29/2007 #

This sounds so easy and painless! I'm trying to wean myself off swaps for a while, because I have to move out of my studio while we tear up and repair the floor, so this will probably be the last one for a while, nice and easy!

Please nothing scented, edible, or cosmetic for me, anything paper is great!


user5486 04/29/2007 #

Yeah, 150!!!! Thanks to everyone who has been joining!!!

RudeNun 04/29/2007 #

And growing.. Congrats Kimmie!

user5512 04/30/2007 #

This is going to be a lot of fun. Please no: embroidery floss, wax tarts, seeds,incese, or candles. Thanks!

user5486 04/30/2007 #



crweixelman 05/ 2/2007 #

Good idea! The only thing I don't need or care for is seed packets. Tea is good, but must be caffeine free. :)

SassyBird 05/ 2/2007 #

Jolly good swap, Kimmie! So excited about this one.. my two "thank you" items would be 1) sewing stuff (buttons, rick rack, etc.) and 2) scrapbooking items. Love everything else on this list - especially gel pens! As Melissa said, check out my profile for more info. Happy Swapping! Cheers, Sassy_Mummy

Lisapotterylady 05/ 2/2007 #

No incense or wax tarts for me - anything else will be great!

user8072 05/ 2/2007 #

No gel pen or seed plaese, but everything on the list is very welcoming

I'm from the United Kingdom or UK

gramsbuttonbox 05/ 2/2007 #

wow - it was only a week ago, I was wondering if we could break ONE hundred!! - we might hit TWO hundred -

congrats, kimmie! - what a fabulous swap!


gramsbuttonbox 05/ 2/2007 #

one thing, everyone, newbie or not - even if you do receive something that you don't particularly LIKE, you can always "re-swap" it again - just my 2-bits worth, MaryB

scrapnstamper 05/ 2/2007 #

This is a great starter swap! I am very excited and will be happy with anything on the list. AnnaO, Indiana

user5486 05/ 2/2007 #


You are so right about re-swap what you can't use or don't like.


user6859 05/ 2/2007 #

can i request a certian partner? if so can i please send to tsampa?

user5486 05/ 3/2007 #

sorry but partners can not be requested. Partners are given randomly by the swap-bot computer system.

Phoenyx 05/ 3/2007 #

Please no seeds. I have no garden space and, therefore, not much use for them. Thank you.

sharonb 05/ 3/2007 #

Yay! I'm the 200th person to sign up for this swap!

kiwivandal 05/ 3/2007 #

No "Tarts" or Tea for me please. I heart swaps!

iputfiresout 05/ 3/2007 #

Please no inscents for me. I have no use for them. I am so excited I can't beleive there are 200 in this swap now.

mickey7 05/ 3/2007 #

I am cool with any of the items on the list! I can't wait to get started. I love to receive mail that isn't a bill!

user8088 05/ 3/2007 #

No tea or incenses for me please (I sneeze easily)

user8091 05/ 3/2007 #

I'm a newbie so I hope I get this right :) I can't wait to send the goodies!!!

Oh yeah, please no incense (allergies too) everything else is great.

user8097 05/ 4/2007 #

Newbie here too. :X

Please no embroidery floss, wax tarts & incense! Thanks in advance! (:

schildmaid 05/ 4/2007 #

And just another newbie. Can't await to send cute swap packages... For me please no incense or wax tarts. Thank you ^^

user8109 05/ 4/2007 #

I'm a newbie from Australia... please no seeds, incense, wax tarts, tea bags, CDs or embroidery floss.

Rammi 05/ 5/2007 #

I'm just another newbie (and also Ayii's friend offline, so if I get her as a partner, that would just be weird). I'm from the UK, and I don't really mind what I get.

roberta51503 05/ 5/2007 #

for me please no tea and if you do send seeds only ones that will do well in the shade my lilacs don't do well not enough sun drat!

user8087 05/ 5/2007 #

Nice swap idea!! No wax tarts please, thanks!

user2207 05/ 5/2007 #

no stickers or incense, thank you!


Magpieandluna 05/ 6/2007 #

No lipgloss or incence (im allergic to most)

kusine 05/ 6/2007 #

What fun! I'd been holding off doing swaps because I just got a new job and time is tight, but this should be both fun and easy.

Other than incense or wax tarts (heavily scented things make me sneeze a lot!), I'd love anything on the list!

starrycat 05/ 6/2007 #

Please no Embroidery Floss or Seeds. I just don't have a use for either!

supaflydesigns 05/ 6/2007 #

hi everyone -- newbie here... everything sounds great, but i wouldn't know what to do with a skien of embroidery floss and could do without rick rack. thanks! this is a super cute idea!

Lava 05/ 7/2007 #

My first swap!!!!!!!!

No incense please, but anything else is cool.


user8157 05/ 7/2007 #

Hi, I'm a newbie here, but very excited to join this swap! I have allergies as well, so lipgloss/incense are potentially problematic.

Thanks! :-) Mary

brandigirl72 05/ 7/2007 #

I was going to join this swap but ButterflyDreamer AKA Chrissy Trutsch is in here. If you get her as a partner you will NEVER get anything!!

user6165 05/ 7/2007 #

Hey, looks like a great swap, I wanna play!! I would love addy labels, I am still learning computer tricks and printed them wrong almost every time.

starrypurplehaze 05/ 7/2007 #

this'll be fun! i'd love anything on this list but wax tarts. :)

ghostcake 05/ 7/2007 #

Another Aussie, no seeds or incense please :)

Puchita 05/ 8/2007 #

The Ratings Booster swap sounds very good i would to participate!!!!!

storylaura 05/ 8/2007 #

This is my first swap ever - I'm open to anything! Thanks.

user8191 05/ 8/2007 #

Hi im from australia as well No seeds or incense. Not sure about what the customs rules are regarding tea either.

Thanks I cant wait :)

Mamaw10 05/ 8/2007 #

Please remind everyone to actually rate their partner, and to rate FAIRLY. Some of our members get so busy in multiple swaps that they forget to rate their partner ! Important to be FAIR when you do the rating - don't expect the moon when you sign up for these swaps - they are for fun and entertainment.

user8195 05/ 8/2007 #

Singaporean here. great swap!!! everythings fine with me :>

user8109 05/ 8/2007 #

Oops sorry I only just understood what the "I don't want sent to me" items limit meant! Please no incense or seeds (I'm Australian) anything else is fine! Thanks!

TSheartTC 05/ 8/2007 #

Please no tea or tarts (I wouldn't know how to burn it). Other than that, this is exciting!

jannikinz 05/ 8/2007 #

Congrats Kimmie, this is going to be OVER 250 participants :-)

squishy622 05/ 8/2007 #

i'd love anything from the list except wax tarts and incense. so glad to be a part of this!

ArtsOnFire 05/ 9/2007 #

Please no wax tarts or seeds for me! Thanks! Just to confirm, unused stamps are postage stamps or rubber stamps???

symphonie 05/ 9/2007 #

I'm a newbie so I'm really looking forward to this. I'm in Australia too so I can't receive seeds or insense either. Can't wait to start shopping :)

krisssssyyyyyyyyyyy 05/ 9/2007 #

Hi :) This will be my very first swap and I am tickled pink to have found this site. I live in Canada so there may be a problem sending seeds and tea. Really looking forward to making up my swaps and getting started. Kris :)

user5486 05/ 9/2007 #

The unused stamps are postage stamps. Sorry I will clarify that in the list. Thanks for asking...

255 people!!! WOW!!!

szreader 05/ 9/2007 #

I can't believe how many sign-ups there are for this! How cool!! I'd rather not get incense, but anything else would be find. By the way, embroidery floss is great to tie up small packages -- it is very FLAT and can easily go in an envelope, wrapped around a few notecards, for instance.

Lindy 05/10/2007 #

The picture of the wax tarts was good but what do you use them for if they have no wick?

I am also from Australia so no seeds please.

user8203 05/10/2007 #

I am so in love with this website. I have a question, though, do I myself pick two partners or do I wait for an email with two names? Thanks!

user8203 05/10/2007 #

Hi. I'm not smart sometimes and I don't read directions, then I ask dumb questions. Nevermind earlier post. Except the love part. I still heart swat bot. okay bye.

ArtsOnFire 05/10/2007 #

This swap has twice as many participants as the #2 swap! Way to go Kimmie!! Wouldn't it be cool if it made it to 300 participants by the time it closes.

Does anyone know what the highest number of participants in any swap is? Have we set a record?

Babsmomof5 05/10/2007 #

Please no post it notes ot lib balm for me...hubby gets tons of free post its and I am pretty particular about my lip stuffs, lol! Thanks and I can't wait for my surprise!!

Hila 05/11/2007 #

I'm in!

PLEASE no incenses or postcards for me! I'm really into scrapbooking and card making so i'd love to get anything related, that would make me really happy!

btw- i know it's written in the swap details but just to let everyone know, i think you shouldn't send seedes or incenses abroad...

Happy swappin' everyone!

user8234 05/11/2007 #

plz. no incence - i'm USA-based, but i really don't want any. no seeds either, unless Lavender seeds, which i luvv.

kim 05/11/2007 #

please no lip gloss or anything scented for me. thanks!

user7350 05/11/2007 #

plse no lips gloss, or anything scented for me the reason is that i get bad migraines. Seeds not sure as i am from Canada customs might take it.. otherwise i am flexible.. cheers gigi

user5486 05/11/2007 #

Yeah, 276 people!!!! We need 24 more by 15 for 300!!! So recruit your friends. Mamaw 10 made a good point about rating. I am going to post it in the swap description...

sewingspoon 05/12/2007 #

Please no seeds or stamps (I'm in Canada), otherwise, whatever you like!

nicole 05/12/2007 #

I have the same request as many others... nothing scented since i get migranes from many scents (tho, fruity smells are usually okay for me).

clholmberg 05/12/2007 #

I live in Arizona, so anything that would melt in 105 degree heat won't make it to my mailbox....so wax tarts are out for me! I'm not big on incense either, thanks.

hyperoma 05/12/2007 #

no tea bags or incense please.

SharonF 05/12/2007 #

Wow! I can do some swaps now!

Kristipye 05/12/2007 #

This is my first swap----I just can't wait! I would love anything anyone chooses to send to me---what fun to get little goodies in the mail!

cerwinrhiannon 05/13/2007 #

No seeds or tea please.

iputfiresout 05/13/2007 #

Please no inscents for me. I just will not use them.

I am so excited for this swap I can't wait.

alicepalace 05/13/2007 #

Please no incense for me, my boyfriend won't let me burn it so it'd only sit in a drawer forever :)

user2310 05/13/2007 #

I'm in Australia too so no incense, seeds or tea please. (:

user8288 05/13/2007 #

This is my first swap I can not wait, my mom has been doing it for awhile so I can't wait to try it!!! No incense or tea please. Thanks

user5486 05/13/2007 #

Wow! 290!!! Can we get ten more people in two days???

Zanara 05/14/2007 #

No incense or tea for me please and thank you.

user5486 05/14/2007 #

6 more people and we will be at 300!!!!

user5486 05/14/2007 #

Hi everyone,

It is almost time to assign partners. For the list watchers, I am starting to go through the list of people and banning people.


HappyCactus 05/14/2007 #

I've been watching this one for a while and I really want you to get to 300...no wax tarts for me please!

auntouch 05/14/2007 #

no tea, wax or incense. can't have tea and have ashma.also no seeds. sorr to be so picky

towenby 05/14/2007 #

We just might make 300! We are soooo close.

user5486 05/14/2007 #

We are so close!!! We may make it. The assign partners link doesn't usually show until the day after the swap:) We still have tomorrow!

user8304 05/14/2007 #

A newbie here....love any vintage type things, bad allergies though, no incense or wax tarts please.

jstubbs 05/14/2007 #

Hi, did I make it 300? I have my envelopes ready to fill...sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of fun people.

teddynet 05/14/2007 #

I'm just so excited to find this site, to receive anything at all, so that I get to participate, will be a thrill! Thanks, Annette

CandyStar 05/14/2007 #

PLease no lip balm for me - my lips are sensitive, I can only use special kinds.

I'm really excited - this will be my first swap on here. Hahaha whoever gets me and wants to send me tarts wink wink will get a virtual hug or something haha.


lovedrunktears 05/14/2007 #

hello, i cannot accept incense, wax-tart and tea. Thanksss!!! (: looking forward to swappin' soon ! ;)

sarrah2 05/15/2007 #

please, no wax tarts. i am game for anything else. this looks like fun! thank you

user5486 05/15/2007 #

302!!!! We made it!!!! I wonder how many more we can get before the day is over!!!

BarefootGypsy 05/15/2007 #

Hello all! Wow! What a Popular Swap! I'm open to anything on the list. I just love mail, so anything goes!

user6838 05/15/2007 #

wow, i made it just under the wire! i would prefer not to recieve and incense or wax tarts. great swap kimmie (my first!)

gramsbuttonbox 05/15/2007 #

oh what the heck, I'm back - thought I just could NOT do this, but we are historic, everyone - this is the HIGHEST ever swap-bot swap -

Kimmie, hugs to you - MaryB

inky 05/15/2007 #

Hi everyone. ") I'm new to this site, too. Need a Ratings Booster! I love swaps like this! Only things I would not use: wax tarts & lip balm. Thanks!


heyjupiter21 05/15/2007 #

this sounds wonderful.

Please no wax tarts or incense! thank you.

craftgasm 05/15/2007 #

I'm really glad the date got moved up, actually; I've been looking forward to this one! No wax tarts or address labels for me (I get a ridic amount in the mail for donating to places already), but I'll be happy to be surprised by anything else. Thanks!

user5486 05/15/2007 #

Hi everyoe...

Thank you so much for joining this swap and offically making it the largest swap that swap-bot has ever had. It is featured on the sites weblog. (Thank you Rachel:)

Partners will be assigned sometime tomorrow.


lulubird6 05/15/2007 #

I can't wait! This is going to be so fun!

I have to request no wax tarts, though, thanks anyway!

lilmissthrifty 05/15/2007 #

I think this may be the most people I have ever seen in a swap!!! I can't wait!!!

mpontalba 05/15/2007 #

I'm very excited by the volume of people involved! I would prefer no seeds or incense...other than that, I'm flexible.

user5486 05/16/2007 #

Okay everyone partners have been assigned!!! Thanks so much for being part of this swap...Look for ratings booster #2 later today!

nazca 05/16/2007 #

Hello* I love this swap please no tea, or coffee or incence thanks a lot

catnkansas 05/16/2007 #

So excited about this one yeah! thanks kimmie for this swap cat

user8020 05/16/2007 #

Hi, I'm excited to start. No seeds or incense for me if you may. Thanks!!

TriviumLady 05/16/2007 #

kwood4304 and Jackie Davis, your packages are on their way already; let me know when you receive them. Enjoy!

user6923 05/16/2007 #

No tea for me please. Thanks.

MARY 05/16/2007 #


I will mail your packages tomorrow. I enjooyed gathering things to include, and hope you will have fun opening your envelopes and using the items inside.


shaynafay 05/16/2007 #

I can't believe I'm ready to send out my packages already! This was easy. Thanks!

lulubird6 05/16/2007 #

Oh how fun! I'm leaving right now to go to the post office! Yay!

trish! and eerriinn, you're envies are on their way!

Babsmomof5 05/16/2007 #

craftypiggie and starrypurplehaze Your envies go out with tomorrow's mail! Enjoy!!!

Lithmire 05/16/2007 #

Mine have been dropped off at the post office. Keep an eye on your mail, Babygirl07 and Barefoot Gypsy!

BoomBoxBettie 05/16/2007 #

woohoo! first swap ever...please no gel pens or wax tarts...thanks!!

BarefootGypsy 05/16/2007 #

I just finished ADISIA's and Trina's packages and will be mailing them tomorrow! look for them soon!

kiwivandal 05/16/2007 #

Karenay and jan- your packages will be going out tommorow! I am sending them from Vermont in the USA (sorry jan yours might take a bit to get there). I hope you both enjoy them! Siobhan

squishy622 05/16/2007 #

Nanoamber4 and heidec, your packages will be on their way to you tomorrow from Oregon. Hope you like them! Amy

Griffie 05/16/2007 #

Packages on their way from South Australia to Sparky and kat! today. Thanks for a great, fun swap Kimmie!

user4756 05/17/2007 #

I am so excited about this I have heard so much about swaps I am so happy to finally be in one. I'll be happy with whatever my partner sends.....

kgeslab 05/17/2007 #

Maddy and Whimsical Rabbit - your packages went out today in the post from Virginia, USA! Enjoy!

cassagain 05/17/2007 #

KVDesigns & notparamount your packages are sent! Notparamount, I'm in the U.S., so it may take a bit longer to get to you! Please let me know when it does! -Cass

HappyCactus 05/17/2007 #

Betherann and Slicktown - your pacakages are on their way!! Let me know when you receive them!!

ElectricDaisy 05/17/2007 #

amyelizabeth and hello_kitty13, your packages went out today from sunny So. Cal. Enjoy! :D

Cinnimini 05/17/2007 #

My packages have been sent off! Danielle F and Artihappy please let me know when they get there :)

gooddog56 05/17/2007 #

Just back from a trip to the post office....Griffie & kat!, your packages are in the mail! The one to OZ will take about 2 weeks, the one in the US about a week...I'd appreciate knowing when they arrive.

jannikinz 05/17/2007 #

In the (Air mail from Aust) post today to : Fibrejunky & Karenay. Would you both please let me know when your package arrives. Thankyou

Manifest 05/18/2007 #

Samstar and Boobgirly your packages are in the mail. I hope you enjoy!

szreader 05/18/2007 #

Envelopes are on their way to theycalledaction and petit oiseau!

user7988 05/18/2007 #

grandmarore3 (hope i got your sn correct) i received your package and thank you for everything. i especially enjoyed the 'classified' stickers.

darkmutinousshannon 05/18/2007 #

Just sent to athenamat and myaimistrue. Enjoy!

user7417 05/18/2007 #

Sent to VJP and Emily today :)

user8157 05/18/2007 #

Quick question: what's a swap card?

BarefootGypsy 05/19/2007 #

Lithmire, I received your package today! Thanks for the great stuff! I don't know what kind of incense you sent but it smells wonderful! And I love the CD! Thanks for a great swap, can't wait to rate you.

user8285 05/19/2007 #

I'm new to swapping but can't wait to begin this! Anything is great for me....I'm not picky, (smile).

Scarymommy 05/19/2007 #

laststraw and Starwatcher.... your swaps are in the mail!

user8157 05/19/2007 #

Marlyn , I received your swap today! Thank you -- I really like the travel stickers. :-)

user6859 05/20/2007 #

some of the things i got were not on the list but are nice things is it ok if i send them? it's stuff for atc's or scrapbooking things like that. will it work?

user7417 05/20/2007 #

A great box came yesterday from chelle523 - thank you!!!!

Baccarita 05/20/2007 #

I sent out today the packs to my partners, :)

sittermom 05/21/2007 #

I received my ratings booster swap from BlondieBlue and I must say it was great. Thank you. I was very surprised. She sent great items. Kellie (sittermom)

supaflydesigns 05/21/2007 #

Your package of goodies was mailed out today from me in Kansas, USA and should make it's way to you in about 10 days.

Penny Arcade:
Your package of goodies was mailed out today as well and should make it to you in 3-4 days.

Let me know when you guys get your packages. I hope you love them as much as I do -- it was hard to part with them! ;)

user7052 05/21/2007 #

Packages shipped this afternon to Gayle Schoen and Kristipye. Hope they arrive safely and soon!!

user7449 05/22/2007 #

nazca & Roberta, watch your mailboxes. I just sent mine out today :)

user3157 05/23/2007 #

hoopsielv and lovedrunktears - your packages went out this a.m.! lovedrunk, yours will take longer to get to Singapore! Hope you like!! :)

user8308 05/23/2007 #

Cori and SewFun -- your packages are on their way today from Canada. :)

user8332 05/23/2007 #

Barbara & Carol's packages are on their way!

jannikinz 05/23/2007 #

Thankyou to Siobhan, my package just arrived..and I'm thrilled.

storylaura 05/24/2007 #

Goodwilldiva and MJ, your packages went out today. I hope you like them!

lalouja 05/26/2007 #

womentrip - I received your parcel today. Thank you.

bunnykissd 05/26/2007 #

Just to let you know, Winnie & Lynette, I have mailed your packages!

symphonie 05/27/2007 #

Hi, Package sent to LINDY today.

Thanks to BAGLADY for the goodies I received on Friday 25th May.

symphonie 05/27/2007 #

Those wax tarts are so unpopular! LOL why? I have never heard of them before but are they THAT bad? I would love to have some..bring me your tarts! Is there a wax tart swap? hehehe ;)

RudeNun 05/28/2007 #

Please, no address labels or lip gloss/balm for me.

cerwinrhiannon 05/29/2007 #

Omigshim46 and Ladybug267, your packages will be mailed today. There's everything in there but the kitchen sink!


user3157 05/29/2007 #

yippee!! Can't wait!

HeideC 05/29/2007 #

Amber Foran & 5amlove, yours are in the mail today.

ANGELFAIRY 05/29/2007 #

Hi Inkybru and BoomBoxBettie I just came back from the post office from mailing your packages.I'll pm you the DC#.

RudeNun 05/29/2007 #

heyjupiter21 & plasticlove, your packages are on their way :D

Ajijic 05/29/2007 #

Melissa Dawson, what a wonderful package you sent! Thank you so much, you were so generous. Hopefully you will receive packages equally as wonderful as you mailed. I love everything, can't wait to rate you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Barbara

jannikinz 05/29/2007 #

Thankyou, SouthernMom...I received my delightful package today.

user8332 05/29/2007 #

Aww. Thanks Barbara! I was hoping you'd like it. I had a lot of fun putting it together!

alicepalace 05/30/2007 #

Maddy and kgeslab, I've posted your packages out today. They're coming from the UK so bear that in mind with waiting times! :)

Robin 05/30/2007 #

Sara and J.D., I just mailed off your packages. Hope you like what I sent.

See you around the swap-bot. Robin

SewFun 05/30/2007 #

Melonie & nntendo

I'm mailing your packages tomorrow from California. Hopefully they won't take too long to reach you! Enjoy.


ArtfulAmy 05/30/2007 #

Baglady and Cheryl your packages went in the post today, 5/30/07. Enjoy!

Mamaw10 05/30/2007 #

Janet & Lovella - thanks so much - both packages arrived today !!

user6923 05/31/2007 #

Pinkie, chelle523 - your packages went out today. Enjoy!!

azurerocket 05/31/2007 #

dixiewitch & sarrah - I sent your packages today!

Lindy 06/ 1/2007 #

Thanks Grobanite. Your parcel was fantastic!

glolinde 06/ 1/2007 #

Oh, crud. My postoffice is closed tomorrow and sunday, so I won't be able to get them out until Monday. I hope that is okay?

lilmissmuffett 06/ 2/2007 #

Got the goods sent out to Kye and Di Brittain today! I hope you like 'em ladies!

user7219 06/ 2/2007 #

Yeah! I didn't have any flaker partners! Thank you for a fun swap!!! Patty

symphonie 06/ 2/2007 #

Hi, Parcel sent yesterday (saturday 2nd June) to Hunter & Dane's Momma. Sent from Melbourne Australia.

ValSped 06/ 2/2007 #

VenusEnvyGrrl: I got your package last week. I LOVE everything, especially the note pads and pen! Thank You SSSOOO much! :)

zebra3175 06/ 3/2007 #

Nicole Introvert and Zaina...... your parcels were sent today. I hope they are ok.

gramsbuttonbox 06/ 4/2007 #

Hi. pkgs winging their way to ordinaryangel and pink_kitten82 Saturday. Hope you enjoy them, please let me know when it arrives.

Have a great week, everyone, MaryB

ohsarajean 06/ 4/2007 #

little kitty and sophiejune, your packages went out today from michigan :)

TSheartTC 06/ 4/2007 #

Mrs M.C. & jane - Your packages have been sent out from Colorado(80018)!

ArtfulAmy 06/ 4/2007 #

Celia I received your package today, Thank you!

user7866 06/ 5/2007 #

blugrn and Pumpkin Seed Mama- your packages have been sent! I really hope you enjoy them :)

user7988 06/ 5/2007 #

alice palace and kgeslab...i sent yours out today=)

knitagirl 06/ 6/2007 #

Goodwilldiva and StoryLaura - your packages went out yesterday. Let me know when they've arrived :o)

user8203 06/ 6/2007 #

Lava & dedeaeschilman (I hope I spelled that right) your packages went out on Monday. Enjoy!

SassyBird 06/ 6/2007 #

Hiya everyone!

lisapotterylady and mya: your goodies are on the way! hope you like!

cheers, Kimberly

madtatter7 06/ 6/2007 #

Brewmomma and HelloKitty_13 sending your package right now. I am also in California so you should have it by this weekend. Hugs, Linda aka madtatter7

LeeAnn 06/ 7/2007 #

I have a bad feeling I am going to get flaked as you guys put it... I am suppose to get one package from "diana" and this person has a rating of a 1 and it's a no send. hurts a little. I sent two packages, and only get one... anyone heard from her? I do understand this person has more time, but the other rating speaks for itself. hmm...

SassyBird 06/ 7/2007 #

Angelica Buder (hello_kitty13): thank you so much for the items. I loved the kitty cat notecard! cheers, Kimberly

Veterok 06/ 9/2007 #

I have already received one package from Sparky, thank you so much! I hope that Mary B. and Lucky have received or will receive my packages soon.

user7902 06/11/2007 #

I've got a feeling I am not going to receive anything from either of my partners. I spent alot on postage for this swap as I am in UK and my partners were both US. Both my partners haven't sent their packages yet. Not very happy at the moment....

user7732 06/11/2007 #

Beth S and Ariana B your packages are on the way. They left the land of enchantment today, via priority mail.

schildmaid 06/12/2007 #

Suefitz and Janice, your packages are on the way from Germany. They are sent via airmail, but still it may take some time.

user7324 06/14/2007 #

Chelle523 and AmIcr8tive: your packages are on the way! I'm sorry for waiting until the last minute. I made the stupid mistake of getting a job and now I have to actually schedule personal creative time! gasp


LeeAnn 06/15/2007 #

I must say I am surprised at how many people have not sent yet, and today is the last send day.

grandmaroro 06/15/2007 #

I have spent quite a while reading all the posts. One of my packages was received around May 15 - the other one wasn't acknowledged, that I could find. BUT - how, with over 300 participants, did I get two no-senders?!?!?! I'm hoping they just waited until the last minute to send.

I'm in another "ratings booster" swap, and I got two no-senders there as well. It is now two weeks past the send-by date on that one. Today, I cancelled several swaps that I had signed up for, because I'm tired of getting the short end of the stick.

user8332 06/15/2007 #

I'm sorry! I'm not having much luck with this thing either.

mpontalba 06/16/2007 #

I'd hesitate to say you got two no-senders when the deadline to send wasn't until yesterday! I was checking back about ratings and such and noted that myself. I have been in a couple of bad swaps lately...in one I received only one out of three...but I'm not writing this one off yet!

azurerocket 06/16/2007 #

Same here, this is my second swap where I have all no sends after the send-by date, but I did end up getting one out of three on the first and another person messaged me that they were going through a lot of trouble and seemed very sincere. If you still don't get anything in a few weeks we could all have a private make-up swap. My partners both loved my packages and I'm sure I could assemble something nice! :D

teddynet 06/17/2007 #

Hi, they were both sent last night unfortunately, and personal messages sent to both of you (Erin and Lynda). Hope you still like them, Annette

azurerocket 06/17/2007 #

Patience is a virtue, one of mine is now marked sent :D.

Rammi 06/17/2007 #

I am a bird-brain - I completely forgot about this swap. I shall send them off first thing on Monday. Thanks in advance to my partners for being patient with me.

Halfmad 06/17/2007 #

Panj and Louie Louie, watch the mail!

: )

Halfmad 06/17/2007 #

PS: Wow, I read some of the comments. Since the deadline to send was the 15th, I think a lot of you are going to get things in the mail! I did send mine before the deadline, this is just the first time I hopped on here to alert my receivers.

And I haven't received anything yet either, but I figure I have a week or so, right?

lulubird6 06/18/2007 #

I completely forgot about this swap as I sent my stuff out pretty early. How fun, I got a package Saturday from VintageChica. Thanks for the great package! Hurray! Hang in there, peeps, although it's a bummer to not receive packages, it's always very, very great when you do!

marlousha 06/18/2007 #

Nicamo and MamaTurtle...your goodies were mailed out last Friday, June 15th. Enjoy!

Lithmire 06/19/2007 #

Looks like I got one no-send. :/ Ah, well. I hope my packages were both well-received!

zebra3175 06/19/2007 #

Still 51 'Not Sent' hanging around. 2 of them are my partners! OHH JOY!!!!!

Lithmire 06/19/2007 #

With that many no-sends still hanging around, a make-up swap might be in order. I know I'd be willing to send a few angel packages out! I keep finding myself picking up cute things on the off-chance they'll come up in a swap, anyway.

user7902 06/20/2007 #

I still haven't received anything from either of my partners...I wouldn't mind if it was just a card or ATC, but this postage cost me alot as I am in UK....I'll give it another week - but I am not holding out much hope....:)

gatorsmom 06/20/2007 #

heartnyou & DarkMtinousShannon,your packages are on thier way, thank you for your kind words and understanding.

user7902 06/22/2007 #

Kissofdawn - Thanks for the package that arrived this morning. The colour combinations are awesome, the ribbon is amazing and the bluebird ornament you made is superb - thanks again.

bunnykissd 06/24/2007 #

Still waiting for athenamat to send her package...

Rammi 06/25/2007 #

I was lucky enough to get two brilliant swappers, but I'm curious - where's Kimmie? Her profile says it's been deleted, so those of us that haven't received our swaps yet will have to find some other way of contacting our partners, if they won't reply to our emails and PMs...

zebra3175 06/25/2007 #

I scored really well!!! Slicktown has marked hers as sent, but however, her account has been deleted, so I dont imagine she actually sent her package, and Betherann still hasn't sent hers.

Thanks girls. Much appreciated!!!

user7902 06/27/2007 #

I have only received one package and the other swapper hasn't had a rating for a month. I know she has read my messages to her because it tells you when they are read next to them on the site - but so far she has not acknowledged me. Anyone else waiting for one from Luckyblue03 - because I wasn't so lucky!!!!

user2310 06/28/2007 #

I haven't received anything at all and one of my partners has a deleted profile. In addition I'm pretty sure I sent a package to a scammer. oh well what can u do.....

Robin 06/28/2007 #


I sent my swaps off back on May 30th, and still haven't been rated by one of my partners. I don't think I ever will. And.......I know that for those of you who didn't receive anything you probably don't care to hear about my lack of a rating. LOL..... But I went to a bit of trouble getting her package together, and not even a thank you. :-(

Not that it will change things or to draw sympathy, but this is a pic of what I sent her. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/522320276/ Anyway....... I went to check her out and leave a comment because she has not read my messages. Her profile has oodles of 1s. You would have thought she should have been tossed from the swap. I'm now a bit curious about the other no-senders.

Well,........with that said and done, if Kimmie will send me a list of those who didn't get anything, I will try to put something together form them. Hmmmm...........maybe I should contact kimmie directly???

Well..........hope you all have a most beautiful day. Robin

Robin 06/28/2007 #

Oh geeezz..........

This is just too weird. I went to Kimmie's profile to ask about getting me a list of people only to find she is dropped from swap-bot. Even the host is a no show. Wow!!!

saltfreak 06/29/2007 #

Hmm I sent out both my swaps early, but got rated for neither and one of my partners seems to be a total flake. =(

catnkansas 06/30/2007 #

I have been flaked a gain I think I have a gal who has no sends. Yuh I have been flaked on so many of my swaps. this is so irrating.cat

mpontalba 06/30/2007 #

Sympathies to all who didn't receive. This is my second swap in a month where neither of my partners sent to me! I love this kind of swap, with it's variety of stuff, and I had a great time looking for things to send to my partners. However, I am again disappointed that I received nothing.

I just have to ask myself...is this my version of the lottery?? Some swaps are bigger gambles than others, and given the size of this one, it maybe wasn't a good bet!

user5118 07/ 2/2007 #

Patty J and Maki K, ur packages are sent! i'm really sorry it didnt get out earlier, im going through an insane period in my life right now, with my dog's health issues n an internship that ends late at night and leaves me a soulless zombie.. but its no excuse, i tried to make ur packages extra special to make up for my extreme tardiness!


catnkansas 07/ 2/2007 #

I never recieved anything either from the gal and I have emailed her and no response. Her profile has only my 1 rating for not sending.

shaynafay 07/ 3/2007 #

Both the person I never received from and the coordinator have disappeared. :(

cerwinrhiannon 07/ 5/2007 #

I received a nice package the other day, with no identification in it. If the person who sent to me reads this, please let me know so I can rate you.



cerwinrhiannon 07/ 5/2007 #

Never mind, I figured it out.


Baccarita 07/16/2007 #

I'm your partner at Rating Booster swap. The deadline was a month ago and have no news about your sending. Sadly must rate you with the lowest rate. If you decide to send out what you promised joining the swap... I'll think about changing my rate. Thanks! Janine

Baccarita 07/16/2007 #

The message above is for "sugar melts in rain" ((sorry))

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