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Favorite Color Swap #3

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Favorite Color Swap #3
Swap Coordinator:Rose827 (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Themed  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:186
Last day to signup/drop:June 17, 2009
Date items must be sent by:July 17, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

AynE had asked if I'd run this one again: So here we are! This one will be for June/July

Here's your chance to send a monochromatic package for your partner! Send a package off to one partner using only the color scheme of their favorite color. You could send stickers, paper, embellies, ribbons, postcards, socks, ATCs, photo albums...the list goes on and on! The value of the package should be about $5.00 US filled with things your partner would like. Remember to send something you would like to receive.

Participants: please list your favorite color below...as we all have several favorites we need to pick the one we want for this swap!

Newbies welcome with full profile...All others please have at least a 4.88. Please no flakers...the last one I hosted, I'm still trying to find angels for. Everyone signs up to send a swap and receive a swap. If you don't plan on doing this you will be banned before the swap starts or skipped over before the send date.

Happy Swapping


Rose827 03/26/2009 #

Blues/Teals :)

Booktrollop10 03/26/2009 #

I think I'll go for pink this time1 Any shade but no pastel pink thanks!

janeengland 03/26/2009 #

i am going to go for an easy one this time and have black.

cherierose 03/26/2009 #

Hello! I love blues/teals/turqoise and well.

Rikkuliam 03/26/2009 #

Green for me. =D

7kolchuck 03/26/2009 #

just watching, but ill join after a while. my colour would be RED. (is it possible to ask for little or no craft supplies? i wouldnt use them much.. but its up to you:))

marcsgrl 03/26/2009 #

Pink please! :)

NicoleM 03/26/2009 #

pink is my favorite color

Morte 03/26/2009 #

Grey please, all shades.

AynE 03/26/2009 #

Light to medium spectrum blues...I love that blue that has been known as Williamsburg Blue, Colonial Blue, French Blue. Cadet Blue, Slate Blue, Persian Blue....I love blue from light sky blue to cobalt blue and I love the sound of the word ultramarine blue so...

or you could do yellow.... I'm so bad

NekeaVordai 03/26/2009 #

My choices would be #! Purples of all shades, #2 Reds of all shades, #3 Blues of all shades, or just surprise me :)

shinz 03/27/2009 #

this will be in my watchlist! I love color swap...but afraid I cant find my partner's fav color.

GraceYY 03/27/2009 #

this time i want green colour~!! thanks~!!

MichelleLovesBill 03/27/2009 #

Hello!! I love all shades of Purple!! Happy Swapping!! :)

ambermonkey 03/29/2009 #


doublekissable 03/31/2009 #

BLUE! I also feel that Black and White should not count! I got Black/White combo last time and it was hard to find stuff!

Helena8664 04/ 4/2009 #

I'm thinking....green! :)

cassiecards 04/ 5/2009 #

I love all the colors of the rainbow!

andrealynn 04/ 6/2009 #

I was so interested in doing the other color swap but missed the deadline to join. I would love to get happy shades of green in the mail! :D

tina2003333 04/ 6/2009 #

I love Green!!!

weeatcrayons 04/ 6/2009 #

You choose which one but I go for Purple, Silver/Grey, and Turquoise/Sea type blues

marijke 04/10/2009 #

I choose lime!

baybelletrist 04/14/2009 #

Hi! This time I'd love to receive light green items (spring green, not so much lime/neon). Thanks! :)

baybelletrist 04/14/2009 #

p.s. But really if you find lime green I'm sure I'll love whatever you send! Thank you.

iriss2 04/21/2009 #

i love pink

brooklyn 04/24/2009 #

Is this craft or scrapbooking stuff? I'm new to swap-bot and just want to make sure I send the right stuff.

My favorite color is aqua! I love and form of it; it reminds me of the ocean!!!

sewcrafty 04/25/2009 #

this time i'm going to go for any kind of funky green or purple, your choice :)

Jazza 04/26/2009 #

this sounds like so much fun, i have many fav colours so could i request a surprise colour? and long as it not pink or red

Maslacko 04/26/2009 #

yellow :)

Hollyvia 04/26/2009 #

My favorite color is PINK !! :D

chachakate 04/26/2009 #

I love lilac.

thistlecraft 04/28/2009 #

I love most colors, but I think I will choose RED for this swap. Thanks!

itsmecheri 05/ 1/2009 #


pongiola 05/ 2/2009 #

i LOVE polka dots,my favourite colors are black,pink,purple and blue...

timeerkat 05/ 2/2009 #

Yay, another color swap! I had a lotof fun with the last one!

My favorite color is purple, motly darker shades like amethyst but really any shade is ok. I also love deep teal and silver.

enchantability 05/ 2/2009 #

Purple, definitely!

Darleneh710 05/ 2/2009 #

Chachakate~ when you say you like the color lilac, do you mean the color lavender or light purple? Just trying to find out what color you mean?

saara 05/ 2/2009 #

Orange for me - thanks!

Lilja 05/ 2/2009 #

I like yellow the most. This is my first swap so hope I get this right

Nanphe 05/ 2/2009 #

Blue/ teal/ turquoise for this swap...thank you.

MissWorld 05/ 3/2009 #

I think I want purple for this swap :D it would be fantastic!

yomousey 05/ 3/2009 #

I choose Red, also red/white/blue. Love buttons, ribbons and fabric. No candles or scented stuff please I am really sensitive to smells.

Bluelily 05/ 3/2009 #

any shade of blue

keller 05/ 4/2009 #

any shade of teal, brown, blue! pastel colors are welcome. :)

LeighLeigh 05/ 4/2009 #

My favourite colour is greeeeeeeeeeeen!

Haole1 05/ 4/2009 #

Favorite color is teal blue/aqua.

misssarah01 05/ 4/2009 #

I would like pinks, blues, yellows - summery colors! Would love to be able to get some stuff to use for my summer scrapping!

PurpleSpongeBob 05/ 4/2009 #

Purple! This is my first swap here on SwapBot. Looking forward to recieving my partners information and finding the items to send.
If anyone feels I have left any pertinent info out of my profile please let me know so I can remedy it.

pinkqueen 05/ 4/2009 #

Mine is Pink.

Ellama1 05/ 4/2009 #

I want to be surprised...a little, at least...so how about...black and white OR grey OR YOUR FAVORITE COLOR!!

missmonroeville 05/ 5/2009 #

I would like Red or Pink. Thanks

chincho 05/ 5/2009 #

As always.......Black & White for me, please.

FROGGY42 05/ 5/2009 #

I would like the color GREEN for this swap, please. And I especially love FROGS, in case you see any! Happy Swapping to all !

denise364 05/ 5/2009 #

Love Colbolt Blue ~ Country Blue ~ Turquoise!

sharone 05/ 5/2009 #

Vintage colours for me please, cream/beige/brown. Thanks, if you have any trouble, give me a pms.

user9548 05/ 5/2009 #

This time- I'm going for---> red!

Tatsu 05/ 5/2009 #

I choose orange as my favorite color this time. If you have a hard time finding anything, you can pick from: lavender/purple, yellow

Joy 05/ 5/2009 #

Pink is my favorite color! :-)

FOOF4E 05/ 5/2009 #

love royal purple

PETALPUSHIN 05/ 5/2009 #

I am going to watch for now but my color would be purple..deep purples and reds..yeah thats it..oh and turqouise and browns

Rita 05/ 5/2009 #

chocolate brown and lavender this time =)

Love2Teach 05/ 5/2009 #

aquas, turquoise, pool blue colors or purples (light and deep okay). No yellow or orange please! I like sewing products, fabrics, knitting items, memo pads, pens and handmade items. I don't care for ATC's, inchies or dotee dolls, sorry. Check out my profile for more info, it's very well filled out.

Anniehall 05/ 5/2009 #

red for me, please :)

mlookyloo1 05/ 5/2009 #

I love reds any kind of red

Nadezhda 05/ 5/2009 #

Anything green would be lovely :]

kgeslab 05/ 6/2009 #

Any fall leaf color - deep red, golden yellow, brown - would be great!

Love2Teach 05/ 6/2009 #

I need to put this on my watch list for now! I don't know when I will have the money, so I can't commit. Sorry!

IzLa 05/ 6/2009 #

I'm going to go with orange. This sounds like so much fun!

lltip 05/ 6/2009 #

How do we know who our partner is? I want pink!!!!

melovetea 05/ 6/2009 #

Red, rojo, rouge for me!!! this is really exciting!!!

ladyfeathers 05/ 6/2009 #

I love any color except pink, Can't stand it. So it will be easy for my partner any color except pink please!

Starsnow 05/ 6/2009 #

Blue here, periwinkle, cornflower, vinca, to tropical blue, ocean blue Not a deep navy, Flow blue china is wonderful blue Just no green nor yellow and black stripes Thank you!

ambulancechaos 05/ 6/2009 #

Green please! :D

Neener1430 05/ 6/2009 #

I was flaked on the 1st one that I signed up for, but had so much fun shopping for it that I will try again! My color would be Yellow, Orange or Green. My partners choice or a combo of all 3. I will be happy with whatever color/combo you pick.

ZippedShut 05/ 7/2009 #

Or@nge please. =]

Dummanios 05/ 7/2009 #

I'd like blue-green, so any shade of blue green, aqua, kelly, teal, etc

elmi 05/ 7/2009 #

I'm on a current green/brown combo streak - I'd like green most, or a combo of them! I like autumny colours (hues), and anything from army green to lime green is fine. Please no pastels or those bright greens usually found in primary colour paper packs :)

prncskm 05/ 7/2009 #

Red please

stellunasoleil 05/ 7/2009 #

I loved this last time!! I'm going to go with ORANGE, again!

Bettka 05/ 8/2009 #

I love PURPLE! :) I prefer dark or "old" purple.

spiceandsugar 05/ 8/2009 #

uhm i say GREEN :)

clb0906 05/ 8/2009 #

Any shade of blue or purple.

sparklypixiedust 05/ 8/2009 #

red on this one please... thank you!

cberrybaby 05/ 9/2009 #

I am lovin' yellow right now so that woul be great or even a pink/yellow combo would be fu

igobylorib 05/10/2009 #

my favorites would be: * red * aqua * leaf green

Laurenrawr 05/10/2009 #

Pink or Blue, you choose.

A127 05/10/2009 #

I choose yellow, but I also love peach and teele but you can choose and I will be Happy!

jtmg2099 05/10/2009 #

well when asked my favorite color I always say "plaid" I have alot of Scottish running rampot in my background but any color will do - blue, orange, yellow, green, red, americana, camo, I am so electic that anything goes with me - thanks!

jtmg2099 05/10/2009 #

yes pink - purple - khaki/beige - any color really except maybe all black items (if it has black with another color that's fine just not solid black) bright colors - pastel - primitive - whatever!

secretterrabite 05/11/2009 #

Yellow please :-)

debbi256 05/11/2009 #

Purple, Pink and Khaki are my favourites!

bookwormAL 05/11/2009 #

yellow or orange will make me smile

karikatzi 05/11/2009 #

Oooh this looks like so much fun. I would love anything in the blue spectrum from turquoise & teal through to periwinkle & indigo, I let you choose which shade

chrisabella 05/11/2009 #

green is my favorite, but i like purple & black too. whatever my partner wants to send is good for me.

jen0cide 05/12/2009 #

I keep going back and forth, I just can't pick! So I'll let you :)

My favorite colors are purple (mostly light), pink, green and black

Babette323 05/12/2009 #

What a fun idea for a swap! Red for me please (if shades of red--like pink--are thrown in that's okay too). :-)

grtakajeja 05/12/2009 #

My color would be red

OfficeWeed 05/12/2009 #

Blue is my most favorite color. Any shade of it =) Thanks!!

debbiespoms 05/12/2009 #

I would like either Yellow or Hot Pink,please. No ATC'S please. I don't care for those.

trina 05/12/2009 #

Pink or purple or black of ur choice

honeybknits 05/12/2009 #

monochromatic people PICK ONE COLOR! lol. I pick green. The color you get when you look at crayola green. Simply green.

Kimberly3 05/13/2009 #

My color choice is black. Please Please do not send me any KID related items I won't use them. Sorry. I like vintage items (pictures (they can be copies), buttons, magazine ads, beads, fabrics) Late 1800s to 1950.

Aprilky5 05/13/2009 #

pastel purple

KathyG 05/13/2009 #

Hi, Dusty rose is my favorite color, but anything pink or yellow is fine with me.

surprisemom 05/13/2009 #

Pink please.

CarolCarioca 05/14/2009 #

YELLOW, please!!!!

YankeeUnicorn 05/14/2009 #

Purple!! Especially Lilac purple/pale purple/pastel purple---it was the main color in my wedding and I ADORE it:)

greengirl 05/14/2009 #

I love green!!! And I love this swap!

NeedleNinja 05/14/2009 #

I like green or blue and green together! :)

debbiespoms 05/14/2009 #

I'm backing out of this.Because in July, I have to have a surgery done. Sorry.

mypoohbear60 05/14/2009 #

My color choices would be pink or yellow, not neon though, makes my head hurt.

I'm going to put it one my watch list for now. The last 2 color choice swaps I ended up getting flaked on. I'm a bit leary now.

Debrina 05/14/2009 #

I'm easy - I'll let my swap patner decide the colour, but check my profile if you're really pushed to make a decision, lol!

JennieGee 05/15/2009 #

I love all shades of green except neons, I cant's stand neon colours, but forest, hunter,pale green, grey green, I really like the darker shades and lighter shades of green rather than the standard "grade school " colour green,

jay 05/15/2009 #

green please :p

bettflow09 05/15/2009 #

Gosh....I have so many colors I like:) For this one let's say I list two of my favorites and my partner chooses which one to send. Burgundy or green (prefer frosty/sage green, but any shade of green will be fine, except PLEASE no lime green..yuk!!!)

bettflow09 05/15/2009 #

P.S. Forgot to mention, I also don't care much for Christmas or grass green. Thanks in advance:))

flossyblossy 05/16/2009 #

PINK for me please!!!

PaigeMonroe09 05/16/2009 #

I will take GREEN!!!

khogie 05/16/2009 #

I want brown - all shades from dark chocolate to tan would be a welcome addition to my collections.

Upcountrysmiles 05/16/2009 #

lavender, purple, lilac shades! Mahalo:)

PandaBerry 05/16/2009 #

Earthy blues, greens or browns! c:

marci 05/17/2009 #

I love purple!

bettysoo 05/17/2009 #

black and red for me please as its the colour of my bedroom ....

Rpittman 05/17/2009 #

my fave colour is greens

comradnic 05/17/2009 #

hot pink or purple.

sketch5489 05/17/2009 #

I am going to go with pink :)

Syn1226 05/17/2009 #

Reds/berries, purple, silver, metallics,

junieandj 05/17/2009 #

I love all blues, especially the brighter blues like teal, royal, and electric. Not to big of a fan of pastel.

user6802 05/18/2009 #

I love purple and black :D

patriciac 05/19/2009 #

For this one i want turquoise :o)

louise55 05/19/2009 #

Pink and purple please!

PoisonLake 05/19/2009 #

green or black please.

BabaKatya 05/19/2009 #

Yellow is my favorite color.

Meitalt 05/20/2009 #

My favorite color is brown.

CIA 05/20/2009 #

i try to pick a new fav color every year. i love them all. im super excited for summer so lets go with YELLOW. the brighter and sunshinier, the better!!

Ellama1 05/20/2009 #


addie 05/20/2009 #

Navy or Pink

Rose827-thank you for listening to AynE :) This is such a fun idea for a swap.


txstitcher 05/20/2009 #

Red! Red! Red! LOL

Laurel22 05/20/2009 #

I'm obsessed with black right now (black and black in combination with white). Tiffany Blue also works for me.

timeerkat 05/20/2009 #

Unfortunately some things have come up and I am unable to participate any more at this time, so I've had to drop for now. If things change then I'm signing back up, for now I'm keeping a watch on here.

minnie12 05/21/2009 #

for this i saaaayyyyy...GREEN...any shade is fine :)

clkea 05/21/2009 #

I would like spring green or yellow or a combo of the two. Pastels are fine. Just no neons please. Thanks!

UniquelyIronic 05/21/2009 #

I would like to use red (deep or blue red) for this swap. Complimentary colors are fine as well.

weura686 05/21/2009 #

Purple please!

deeahnah 05/22/2009 #

Blue/Teal/Turq, please. ; )

IngridRijnen 05/22/2009 #

Black and White for me please ;-)

ZenithJade 05/22/2009 #

Greens for me, please! :) I'll take a mix of shades!

vampiremyself 05/23/2009 #

red, jewel colors, turquoise, emerald, silver, gold, bronze.........you choose

Salgal 05/23/2009 #

I love RED, brighter the better

JacquiMcR 05/24/2009 #

Blues and Greens for me - all shades, thanks

xoDanixo 05/24/2009 #

I absolutely love PINK!!! Anythin pink, any shade hotpink, lightpink..ect. If you can find any items with pigs, cupcakes, dogs...I'd be happy. ☺

Salgal 05/24/2009 #

Please paper, embellishments, trims, anything for my art work. No candles, fru fru's or such. Hate to be picky but I need crafting stuff. I love Oriental, ocean, vintage, anything feminne, mermaids, Paris to name a few. OH and flowers of all kinds. To whoever gets me, thank you, thank you!

Lucinka 05/24/2009 #

My household love orange and me white and silver.

Deedrey 05/24/2009 #

I love teal/robin's egg/turquoise (no pastel). Have a look at my profile please for likes/dislikes! Thank you, thank you!!

rainbowdaze 05/25/2009 #

I love all colors, but I guess I'll go with pink for this swap. All shades are great, from the lightest pastel to the brightest bright! =o)

littlebluestar 05/25/2009 #

I choose Retro Red! (you know...that beautiful vintage red color from the 40's - 50's, its my fave) my second choice is teal/turq. Thanks!!

evieroz 05/25/2009 #

My color would be brown

mollypoppy 05/25/2009 #

blue or green to match my amazinn bedroom, darker prefered but dont mind lighter =D xx

Stepht 05/25/2009 #

Pink for me! Any kind of pink is great, love it all :)

heidistitches 05/26/2009 #

Love this idea. I'm a pink girl too! Anything from pale to hot.

san100 05/26/2009 #

hi there. I love anything in the red family these days

nadithings 05/26/2009 #

does zebra or leopard print counts as a color? hehehe.. okay if i have to choose color, RED or LILAC.. thanks!

Batmamma 05/27/2009 #

Any blue for me please :)

MONKEYSMOMMY09 05/27/2009 #

pink and purple

angscott74 05/27/2009 #

I love all types of blues, Turquoises, Pinks and Greens. Also Gold and Silver as well.

Charmaine 05/27/2009 #

I pretty much love color! Anything bright and rich. Lately I've really been into yellow and orange, but I also love red and Tiffany blue. Green is fun also. I also love black, white, and gray. And I'm a girly girl so pink is up there also. So, pretty much all colors.

EmTabby 05/27/2009 #

My fav colour is pink. but im open to red and purple too :o)

BeautifulMess 05/27/2009 #

Teal, if you can't find Teal items then Red or Green.

honeybknits 05/27/2009 #

please give me a swapper who has no cats. I am terribly allergic and it is worse this year. :(

PoKe 05/28/2009 #

I like all shades of blue/teal/purple/pink... whatever's easier for you ;o)

perfectlie 05/30/2009 #

I love pink-black (emo) coloured items :)

somuchmore 05/30/2009 #

oh, turquoise to light aqua those light and vibrant colors. i LOVE POLKA DOTS.... so if you see something polkadotty and its not aqua- i will still smile!

Ellama1 05/31/2009 #

I'd prefer no beauty products and if you choose socks, they should be big. I have a problem with tight socks :O( Hate that ring around my ankle where the elastic got serious!

Carolyne 05/31/2009 #

Purple, teal or sunny yellow would be ideal for me please.

Lucky12324 05/31/2009 #

Purple for me please :-)

katielyn 05/31/2009 #

It's so hard to choose just one! Let's go with teal.

JennieGee 06/ 1/2009 #

I'll be back, I just need more room as I am maxed at 20 right now otherwise.

babycakeslurve 06/ 1/2009 #

Teal is my favorite color, but if it's too hard to find green will be fine.

godsangel80 06/ 1/2009 #

Hello! I would love to join this swap,my favorite color's are pastel color's like your easter color's and the raibow color's and unicorn color's along with the butterfly color's, I don't like dark color's, I am a bright and cerry person with birght and cherry life style,so pefer bright and cheery color's thank you! Melinda

polar 06/ 1/2009 #

I love PINK!!!!!

sparklypixiedust 06/ 1/2009 #

I cant find it if i have already posted. But for this one i would like Black! thanks

chuysgirl 06/ 2/2009 #

Purple or mint green for this girl. Thanks.

homeandheart 06/ 2/2009 #

Hi, are we assigned partners, or do we choose? Thank you!

Cecilian 06/ 2/2009 #

Hi purple and apple green for mi. Thank you!

msktr 06/ 2/2009 #

red or cobalt blue, either is awesome. Thank you!

scrapurheartout 06/ 2/2009 #

Red is the best, thanks.

kawaiikitty 06/ 3/2009 #

pink !!!!! ^^

GlitterbugDoodlebean 06/ 3/2009 #

reds or turquoise please!

wrlwind13 06/ 3/2009 #

Bright pink please!

libat 06/ 4/2009 #

i would like RED please

daniella621 06/ 4/2009 #

I love cerulean blue, or other close shades of blue.

1CrazyQuilter 06/ 4/2009 #

Purple please

toiatoya 06/ 4/2009 #


toiatoya 06/ 4/2009 #

p.s. or red if black is too hard :D or pink.

honstuff 06/ 4/2009 #

aqua or shades of the ocean

ViolaOdorata 06/ 4/2009 #

pink / Bordeaux red / purple / teal / black

luckyclover 06/ 5/2009 #

My favorite color is: YELLOW.

I'm a newbie...so please let me know if my profile is not complete enough, I'll add more! :)

kawaiilala 06/ 5/2009 #

Light Blue :)

Jacpaint 06/ 5/2009 #

Dark purple.... Please

jenthewen 06/ 5/2009 #

my fave is purple or lilac

denisecouser 06/ 5/2009 #

i like blues and purples. thank you.

jlewisblessing 06/ 5/2009 #

i like Lilac or Light Purple

blonde998 06/ 5/2009 #

My favorite would be purple/lavender.... that sort of color.

A127 06/ 5/2009 #

Love yellow!

Salgal 06/ 5/2009 #

I stated my color is red but red with any other color is great too. Especially red, black and white. Hope that helps. Salgal

knbquilts 06/ 6/2009 #

Orange and/or yellow please.

kangarueg 06/ 6/2009 #

my favourite colour is brown.. and the pretty much includes all shades of brown from beige to burnt umber to rich dark chocolate brown! (i know, i know - it's not a real popular colour... but what can i say, i like it!)

maln 06/ 6/2009 #

I love green, especially dark green (emerald)

mlookyloo1 06/ 6/2009 #

I love red all kind of red

SouthWestMoonUnit 06/ 6/2009 #

My favorite colors are listed in my profile. Thanks!

syazaaa 06/ 7/2009 #

i love pink!

glitterysah 06/ 7/2009 #

Either turquoise or pink - all shades of either colour, i LOVE them both, and especially together! But pick which one you'd prefer. Looking forward to this swap :) xxx

dawnwilson 06/ 7/2009 #

Turquoise think seafoam/summer/ yum

trina 06/ 7/2009 #

purple please

meganimal 06/ 7/2009 #

Blue please! :)

st4r 06/ 7/2009 #

blue, red and white- stripes are good too!

sunshinesuperman 06/ 7/2009 #

I LOVE it all, surprise me!

erisgrrrl 06/ 7/2009 #

My fave is PINK! Pink Pink Pink and more Pink!

Corky2828 06/ 8/2009 #


Adrenaline 06/ 8/2009 #

Red or black =]

janetd 06/ 8/2009 #

My first swap and I'm just too excited! Favorite colors? Blue & green for now. I do mostly quilting & sewing.

jcm716 06/ 8/2009 #

My favorite color is red Thanks

Reilo 06/ 8/2009 #

I'll go with purple :)

vlhafer54 06/ 8/2009 #

My favorite colors are blue and green and any combo there of.

sarahrose8301 06/ 8/2009 #

I'll go with black, I plan to decorate my room in black and white.

QtPie 06/ 9/2009 #

My favorite colors are Orange and Yellow

kimpulse 06/10/2009 #

oh wow... there are so many people in this swap^^

avonlea 06/10/2009 #

I'm brand new to this site!!

I'd like to sign up for a swap.

My favourite colour is purple but my little grandson who is almost 3 years old loves anything blue so maybe a blue swap for a little boy would be lovely.

gotde 06/10/2009 #

Orange or purple for me please!

nanaof5 06/10/2009 #

I Like the color Mauve or light blue. A combination of both are o.k. I do not use stickers or scrap booking stuff. I also don't use note books, or things like office material. Thanks

Kaitybugg 06/10/2009 #

I love teals and aquas any shade. And as for what to send just check out my profile or shoot me an email.

No scrapbooking stuff or things of that sort.

queensonia2001 06/10/2009 #

I would like any shade of aqua/teal!

vanessavh 06/10/2009 #

I would like to go Orange this time :-)

themissiah 06/10/2009 #

Favorite color is GREEN!

knitbird 06/10/2009 #

Red, pink , or purple.

QWNMOMOF6 06/11/2009 #

baby blue =]

inkbelcher 06/11/2009 #

any purple, blue, green, or reds your pick

diane0514 06/11/2009 #

any shade of purple for me:)

djmom11 06/11/2009 #

I'll go for pink or purple or both!

seattlecoffeegirl 06/11/2009 #

green, please. :)

katjl 06/11/2009 #

shades of gray is cool...

goosiilove 06/11/2009 #

I'd like to go for gray in any shades and if my partner has trouble with that then I'm always good for greens blues or purples. all shades! just please no pinks or reds.

Looking forward to this swap!


libraries 06/11/2009 #

any shade of grey!

PumpkinSeedMama 06/11/2009 #

PINK....please!! :)

katehawk 06/12/2009 #

purple and green, but mostly purple!!!

morningbell 06/12/2009 #

brown, tan, beige. :o)

ircabbit 06/12/2009 #

I'll go with purple. This sounds like lots of fun.

shabbychic08 06/12/2009 #

Can l go for mauve/purple please :)

NolaBelle78 06/12/2009 #

anything with black & purple together..

jamiehml 06/12/2009 #

I would love to get teal or a country blue, although i do love surprises!

Lyns 06/13/2009 #

I would like to go with lime green I hope I do this correctly!

moonstonegail 06/13/2009 #

moonstonegail. just love the color RED

craftycrafter 06/13/2009 #

I love the color Pink. All different shades are just fine!!

lindasusanna 06/13/2009 #

I would love to get something lime green, or rainbow colours or that yellow that those lovely little ducks are 8D so you can pick one : ~lime green ~duck yellow ( I still laughin at this 'duck yellow thing :D ) ~rainbow colours I'm not picky, love your packet anyway,, thhanks <3

Tippster 06/13/2009 #

I think I would like different shades of purple :)

barbie1950 06/14/2009 #

I love Red (deep ruby red)!!!

TaziBears 06/14/2009 #

Blue, light or sort of bright midnight blue :)

LiveTheChaos 06/14/2009 #

I love all colors, and would love a surprise color package, but if you don't want the pressure, my fave colors are (in order): yellow, cobalt blue, orange, lime green, purple, grey.

karry 06/14/2009 #

Purple or green, you decide!

godsangel80 06/14/2009 #

I love the pastel colors, my favorite is the pastel blues with glitteie blues and shinnie blues are my colors Melinda

commapolice 06/14/2009 #

I'm digging mint green right now. (A Google image search gives a good representation of the shade.) If that's too hard, though, feel free to go off the colors listed in my profile.

bexknits 06/15/2009 #

I would like greens this time please. Lush and summery shades would be nice but I'm not fussy!

vanessalouise 06/15/2009 #

i would like yellows please

herbovitz 06/15/2009 #

Aubergine please.

Kagomesashi 06/15/2009 #

Well my favorite color is white... j/k :D, My fav is pink, or Lavanda

blueackerson 06/15/2009 #

Of course, my favorite color is blue

2 is aqua

3 is turquoise

whinendine 06/15/2009 #

Purple please. Thanks.

ekdkdk1 06/15/2009 #

Purple is my favorite~ thanks!

fifilein 06/15/2009 #

my favourite color is RED. thanks x)

tuesdae1 06/15/2009 #


VampiraGirl 06/15/2009 #

I like green. Anything with green or green and another color is great for me. But please, no frogs. Thank you


ZippedShut 06/15/2009 #

WoW!!! This is looking likes its about the be the #1 SWAP on the top 10 list!!

PaintedGreene 06/15/2009 #

ORANGE!! I love orange, from yellow oranges to deep red oranges. Its a great colour

ruthann46 06/15/2009 #

I'll have to pick "PINK". Especially love to wear it. Thanks for thinking "PINK"!

mizchulita 06/15/2009 #

Reds! FWIW, I do all kinds of crafts!

Kristin82 06/15/2009 #

Whoa, sign up has exploded since I first placed this swap on my watchlist!! lol ... Ok, I'm going to go with PURPLES for this swap. My second choice is BLUES . I love most shades of blue except for any of the drabber, grayish blues. I like the light ones to the richer hues, tropical ones or even navy! =) Thanks!

simo3086 06/16/2009 #

Hi for me all colours from yellow to red!! thanks

nlgrudis 06/16/2009 #

Hunter Green or Navy Blue for me, please.

copperboots 06/16/2009 #

well...ok...how 'bout LIME! That will do! If that color is to hard for you, move onto orange- anywhere from bright to pumpkin, surely you can find somekin! If all else fails & it gets too overwhelming, choose YOUR fav color and that will get things going!!

chiarell 06/16/2009 #

I'm really not that picky, but if I had to make a suggestion I would be curious to see rich chocolate browns. Thank you!

Doodlebabe 06/16/2009 #

Green for me please!

scrapkween 06/16/2009 #

RED :0)

hereintherain 06/17/2009 #

I would have to say purple or aqua or neon green. Or all of them. Or every color of the rainbow. I just love colors shrug easy partner!

Jembogawa 06/17/2009 #

I had pink last time so..for this one I'm gonna choose anything summery, eg, yellow, orange, pink, purple, green or even a mix of all colours! Totally up to you, I'm easy to please :)

Creeny 06/17/2009 #

Hm, hard to choose ;)

This time red or green for me...

GTstamper 06/17/2009 #


littlebluestar 06/17/2009 #

WOw - looks like everyone on swap bot is doing this one! :)

My color is Robins Egg Blue

Zsa517 06/17/2009 #

Hmmm...my current favorite is turquoise/blue green. Can't wait to get going on this!

LongVacation 06/17/2009 #

Yellow for me please.

caresalot 06/17/2009 #

Any shade of teal,aqua's or cobalt for me please.I just gave options incase one is hard to find.I will be pleased with any one or a combo..Thanks:)

Fenix825 06/17/2009 #

This is so exciting!!! The color of choice for me would be red.

provadia 06/18/2009 #


My favourite colours are pink and gray! Together is even better! :) Please if possible, no craft supplies for me. No worries if you can't! <3

Corky2828 06/18/2009 #

Are we getting partners soon?

patriciac 06/18/2009 #

Yeah!!! When we will get the partners?

Salgal 06/18/2009 #

Partners yet?

robotlove 06/18/2009 #

I'd like any of the lighter shades of green (could be light green shades, pastel, or bright. not a fan of neon greens..)

robotlove 06/18/2009 #

Partners might take awhile to assign. She probably has to go through that list of 230+ users to look for potential flakers. That's going to take some time.

denisecouser 06/18/2009 #

i like green and blue.

Corky2828 06/19/2009 #

Robotlove- She hasn't been online in two days.

secretterrabite 06/19/2009 #

Hope we get them today. I'm going shopping in London tomorrow and planned to get my stuff there.

littlebluestar 06/19/2009 #

??? want partners....... going to town today. I hope she wasn't waiting untill the 17th to go through all the profiles.

sewcrafty 06/19/2009 #

please pair us up! getting anxious here, i want to start gathering prizes.

marcsgrl 06/19/2009 #

I am eager for this one to begin as well.

djmom11 06/19/2009 #

No partners yet????? @littlebluestar no kidding, she should have going through them prior to the final sign up date.

Upcountrysmiles 06/19/2009 #

Waiting for partner assignment...will be going to the MALL today.

Salgal 06/19/2009 #

Is this event going to start, I need time to shop. Hope she didn't just start organizing this today.

chincho 06/19/2009 #

I quit

priscillabrunson 06/19/2009 #

me too i can't wait any longer.

LiveTheChaos 06/19/2009 #


Kagomesashi 06/19/2009 #

nothing yet! I am waiting 1 more day for partner assignment. I need to make my shopping :(

LiveTheChaos 06/19/2009 #

I am waiting until Monday morning for partner assignments. If anyone is interested in a private swap for this, PM me and we'll set something up!

katehawk 06/20/2009 #

so since we get our partners late does that mean we have an extension on when things have to be mailed out by? 'cause the weekends over and my money, time and energy is spent now until next weekend.

secretterrabite 06/20/2009 #

Co-ordinator hasn't logged in since Wednesday, maybe she is ill or had an emergency? If you were sorting partners, you'd be logging in! All very odd.

katehawk 06/20/2009 #

this is so frustrating because i'm new so i an only have 5 swaps at the moment and i dropped a couple of ones i really liked to stay in this one. now i can't even drop this one to sign up for other new ones. i'm thankfully almost done with my 3 swaps that i have partners assigned to but still... i hope everything is ok with the person who set this up, however to just vanish like this seems a little unfair to all of us who signed up.

marcsgrl 06/20/2009 #

I was excited for this but I dropped it cause I am tired of waiting for partners.

patriciac 06/20/2009 #

anyway, even if she dont appear, swap-bot will give partners between today and tomorrow!!

Im dropping anyway...

Reilo 06/20/2009 #

Decided to drop.

Maggles45 06/20/2009 #

Hey guys, I was just reading and the coordinator has 1 wk after the sign-up date to check out the partners and "Hit" the swap- bot button that does the partner assignments. If she doesn't do this in a week-then swap-bot deletes the swap.

If someone wants to reset up the swap after it is deleted, then it is ago again.! Go to the HELP button - it will tell you all about it.

secretterrabite 06/20/2009 #

the swap-bot faq's says she has 7 days to allocate partners and if it's not done by then the swap gets cancelled.

Salgal 06/20/2009 #

I hope someone else picks this up, I was so excited about it but now I'm dropping this one.

enchantability 06/20/2009 #

Sorry everyone, but I am dropping this one. It's just getting too frustrating. Maybe next time.

bluewhale 06/21/2009 #

Is there anyone who will pick this up and assigning the partner asap...?...

ljctree 06/21/2009 #

i love black, moss green, robin's egg blue, garnet red, coffee bean brown and saffron yellow!

barbie1950 06/21/2009 #

Can you still drop since it is past the June 17 deadline?? I sure would hate to stay in and get a partner that does not send because she has anger toward the coordinator....

sewcrafty 06/21/2009 #

sorry, i'm dropping out. i was excited too. i'd be happy to host this swap.

Kristin82 06/21/2009 #

I don't know if the coordinator waited until after sign up closed to go through the list but it looks like about 20 people have now either dropped this swap or have been booted from it. I'm getting impatient for her to assign partners to but I'm trying to take into consideration that something has come up in her life and she hasn't been able to do this yet for whatever reason. I did notice that she has received two 1 ratings this month though! She does have a couple more days to assign before swap-bot does it.

Kristin82 06/21/2009 #

For those of you who were wondering if you can still drop this swap. You can still do so as long as you do it before partners are assigned. On the upper righthand corner of this page you will find the option to "Drop Swap"

Kristin82 06/21/2009 #

Ahh ok, I misunderstood a previous comment and am now reading through the FAQs. Swap-Bot will CANCEL the swap if partners are not assigned within a week of the sign up closing. I thought it was strange that partners would be assigned anyhow, not knowing if questionable people may have joined. Since no one else has taken on the task of setting up this swap again. I will be happy to do so because I think it'll be fun and I know I was looking forward to participating in this one.

robotlove 06/21/2009 #

Sorry. I'll also be dropping from this swap. Hopefully nothing is wrong with the host to cause her to be inactive this long...

Corky2828 06/21/2009 #

Sorry. I'm dropping too.

SouthWestMoonUnit 06/22/2009 #

I pm'd her a couple days ago with no response, so I'm dropping, too. Pretty sure something must have come up with her and hopefully she's alright.

Nadezhda 06/22/2009 #

I'm kind of disappointed that this swap seems to be falling through. I'll give it a day or two more, but if nothing happens by then I'm going to drop too.

secretterrabite 06/22/2009 #

Dropping now to move to Kristen's version, swap 39679 if anyone else wants to follow...

Jazza 06/22/2009 #

i am sticking by this swap thou i have also joined the other, i have happy to get twice stuff in my fave colour and of cause just as happy to send two fave colour swaps

Rose827 06/22/2009 #

I'm so sorry for all of you that have had to wait for the partners to be assigned. My life got in the way a little bit and I've been having some trouble logging on as well. There is a whole month to do this swap if you all recall, but I can also extend the deadline by a week if that will make up for my absence the past few days. I was sorting through the profiles as of June 12th, and just had to sort through the last few sign-up dates on the 18th. I had even started banning members that had fulfilled the requirements even after I had contacted them. So all the work was already done, I just had some personal things to take care of that took longer than expected. I would never disappear on you on purpose. I hope for those of you that dropped you will consider joining this one when I do it again in August. Again, I'm very sorry for any trouble I've caused with delays.Please accept my apologies.

Rose827 06/22/2009 #

Edit** I banned members that had NOT fulfilled the requirements. I was typing quickly. :)

smilingsassycat 06/22/2009 #

My favorites this time are blue and green- So springy and summery.

Lilja 06/22/2009 #


this my first swap and I don't know how to find out my partner :(

Can anyone help me please?



tammyr 06/22/2009 #

I would like purple. Thanks.

heidistitches 06/22/2009 #

Lilja, Over on the right is a yellow box that says "See the partners you send to." That's where you'll get the information you need.

I got your name (but that doesn't mean you have mine), and I'm very excited about sending you a package.

Best regards, Heidi

godsangel80 06/22/2009 #

I am sorry for myspelling my favorite color is pastel blues but like birght colors as I am a cheary person sorry for not having the correct spelling Melinda

miia 06/23/2009 #

My colour is green. I also like pink and orange :)

aherrst 06/23/2009 #

Glad this swap is still working out :) I thought I had posted my color preferences long ago, but apparently not.

For this swap, I would love to receive green! Thank you.

stacirose 06/23/2009 #

I forgot to add my color, too! Sorry for the delay!!!

I'd like Chocolate Brown! (no tan or wimpy browns) ;)


Tearcandy 06/24/2009 #

I want something.. Lets see.. my partner can choose between red and purple. And if she/he wants to, dark browns are ok too x) Im easy to please :)

FROGGY42 06/26/2009 #

Rose827 : Are you out there somewhere? I need help with this swap and I can't get a response from you or my swap partner "SIOUX". Somebody contact me.

GemMedia 07/ 3/2009 #

My favourite colors are on my profile but robin's egg blue, dark brown, red, turquoise, not really into yellow, pink or neon.

misssarah01 07/ 6/2009 #

I REALLY hope there will be another round of this - this is a great swap!

OfficeWeed 07/ 8/2009 #

menu4ever75 This user has been partially suspended. :( This is the person who is suppose to be my partner? Doesn't look very promising on my end. She has not been logged in since June 23rd. What should I do now? ?? Belcher is the person I'm assigned to send to and I will still do that.


Rose827 07/10/2009 #

I have asked AynE to send to you because she was supposed to send to menu4ever75. I'm awaiting a reply but I don't think there should be an issue.

OfficeWeed 07/10/2009 #

ok, that sounds good :) Thank you. I will make this an awesome swap!! Other than the 100 inchies it will most likely be my last anyway. Thank you so much!!

weura686 07/17/2009 #

Wow...last day to send packages and I see alot of them haven't marked that they have been sent yet.

godsangel80 07/25/2009 #

Just to let you know my stuff will be mailed out this friday as it is payday for me for any one who didnt get there swap surpprizes I am sorry for being late bing sick and not getting my regular check on time is not good I am going to extend the windchime collection throu outthe year so that way it will be more exciting to receive something from some one throu the year have fun swaping and sorry for being late I will except any points you give me cause it is my fault that everything is late okay yours truly godsAngle80 and you can email me or pm and if you all have any questions about anything thanks Melinda and thank you for the ones who had sent me your swaps I loved them all and hope when I getthese out to you all that you will all love them as well thanks again.........

GemMedia 07/27/2009 #

Wow, another no send for this swap and checking through the names there are still quite a few who haven't sent and the coordinator is now suspended as well!!

Chrystallinya 07/30/2009 #

I haven't received my package yet

keller 07/31/2009 #

i have yet to receive my package too. hate it when we've put in so much effort on ours. :(

keller 08/ 4/2009 #

i've just received mine! :) thanks alot libat

erisgrrrl 08/ 6/2009 #

I never got mine either :-( I messaged the person but never got a response :-(

ViolaOdorata 08/10/2009 #

I also never got anything :-( Send my partner a message but she didn't respond to it. @GraceYY is already partially suspended.

erisgrrrl 08/17/2009 #

There are 18 people who haven't sent this (including the person who said she'd send on Friday of 2+wks ago). Most have some pretty dreary ratings :-( Super bummer for those of us who came through and sent our packages!

melovetea 08/21/2009 #

Hi, I sent my swap to Rose827, the coordinator, who has not been online for a while now, I have not gotten a rating, what can I do????

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